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Thread: CSDM Ticketing conversion

  1. CSDM Ticketing conversion

    Hello folks,
    Looks like it's been quiet here for awhile.
    I have always wanted to have a reinforcement ticket system like Battlefield.
    I found =|[76AD]|= TatsuSaisei's Round with No Respawn, but that wasn't what I had in mind.

    Recently, I decided to look around some more and found Counter-Strike Deathmatch on AlliedModders. It has a variety of plugins for CSDM, but of interest to me was it's Round Ticketing plugin.

    I have tried converting CSDM Ticketing for DOD, but have come up short of success.
    The other CSDM plugins are CS specific or already have something similar available for DOD. I was able to compile the csdm_main & csdm_ticketing after changing variables and the "include" file. Also, change the variables in the plugins_csdm.ini file to turn on the Ticketing plugin.
    But still get a bad load error.

    I think a ticketing system would really add to Day of Defeat unending stalemate's and make players think about their actions.

    Can I get any help in converting the CSDM Ticketing?
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    A link for people like me who did not know what you meant by reinforcement tickets.

  3. Battlefield Wiki link

    Thanks Sparky. I guess I shouldn't assume everyone already knows.

  4. CSDM Ticketing & Mapsettings mash-up

    I have been working on mashing Counter-Strike Deathmatch (CSDM) Ticketing and Wilson's Mapsettings 2.
    From CSDM, I removed calls to the csdm_main and included any code that was required for the menu system.
    From Wilson's Mapsettings, I only kept his basic code structure and Tatsu's cvars and routines.

    But I am getting a bad load error. (see attached "console error" file)

    [strikeout]I would like to upload the source and[/strikeout]
    see if someone can figure out what I did wrong.

    update: Thanks Zor.
    Added files to first post.
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    Hey DFHServer,

    I have added you to the testers group and gave that group extra permissions in the Test Plugins Forum. This thread has been moved to that forum and so you SHOULD have the ability to upload now. If you have problems please post to this thread and whomever is available will be in contact!

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    To use the "dod_tickets" include files, you have to also have the AMXX Module with which it corresponds before you can use any functions in it. If you have the dll then you need to put it in the dlls folder and enable it in modules.ini (editing shouldn't be needed but if you have the dll in the correct place and it still doesn't work, you should try adding it to the list in modules.ini).

  7. I made up the include file from the original
    So, I don't have a dll file to go with it.
    It seems i don't understand how includes work.
    Is there some where I can learn about includes and modules ?

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