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    I need a plugin that does not show who I killed or who killed me, and that can not display the Mini Map,

    I am Brazilian and I am doing a league that simulates the second world war and can not have the mini-map and kills.

    I would be grateful for the help


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    omg, i've been searching everywhere for one of these! if someone could do this i'd freaking marry u, well not really

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    Haha, just found this and this should cover your needs:

    In your server.cfg place the following:
    mp_deathmsg 0

    Then ensure that you dont have it anywhere else. This will turn off the death message in the top right hand corner of the screen. I do believe this is what you are looking for yes?

    Quote by Zor

    As for the clue

    One of the developers started working on this for the same function as you had in mind. No idea how far he got as he is not active within DoD anymore.

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