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Thread: DoD Shell Shock (v2.0)

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    DoD Shell Shock (v2.0)

    DoD Shell Shock
    - Version 2.0
    - 07.29.2009

    - Original Code by v3x (he_damage_effect v0.2)
    - Ported to DoD by diamond-optic
    - cadav0r: new volume fx methods and various other fixes
    - WARDOG: new ringing sound
    - Emp`: suggestions on cleaning up some bits and pieces
    - Wilson [29th ID]: PStatus method of catching player spawn
    - TatsuSaisei: Fix for Wilson's PStatus method
    - When you take damage from the allowed weapons,
    You will experiecne a random selection or a
    combination of various effects.. For example, your
    screen might be distorted, your sound volume might
    decrease for a few seconds before it returns to
    normal. There's also a chance for a ringing sound
    in your ears, along with little floating dots all
    around you...There is also an effect that changes
    the way everything sounds to you (pitch shift/echo/etc).
    You may even drop your weapon/object/ammo or fall down prone.

    - CVARs to pick which weapons cause effects
    - Minimum damage required controllable for each one of the effects
    - Each effect has options to control specific aspects of that effect

    - File consistency is enforced on the shellshock ring sound to
    prevent people from replacing it with a blank sound file

    - Server List: Servers:
    dod_shellshock_start <nick/#userid> <damage amount> //Shell Shock a client
    dod_shellshock_stop <nick/#userid> //Stops Shell Shock on a client
    PHP Code:
    dod_shellshock "1"         //Turn on(1)/off(0)

    //weapons that cause effects
    dod_shellshock_wpn_grenades "1"
    dod_shellshock_wpn_rockets "1"
    dod_shellshock_wpn_mortars "1"
    dod_shellshock_wpn_knives "0"
    dod_shellshock_wpn_spades "0"
    dod_shellshock_wpn_buttstocks "0"
    dod_shellshock_wpn_bayonets "0" 
    Compiler Defines:
    PHP Code:
    SETTING_WARN            2    //Inconsistent file warning setting
                            //    0 = say nothing
                            //    1 = tell admins
                            //    2 = tell public

    SETTING_WARNACTION        2    //Inconsistent file action setting
                            //    0 = do nothing
                            //    1 = kick
                            //    2 = ban

    SETTING_FILEBANTIME        15    //Inconsistent file ban action length

    SETTING_FILEAMXBANS        0    //Inconsistent file ban action amxbans support
                            //    0 = off
                            //    1 = on
                            //    2 = on, alternate syntax

    SETTING_FADE            1     //Turn on(1)/off(0) screen fade effect
    SETTING_FADEDMG        30    //Sets the minimum damage required
    SETTING_FADEALPHA        100    //Sets the defualt fade alpha level
    SETTING_FADEINC        1    //Turn on(1)/off(0) increase of fade alpha level
    SETTING_FADEINCDMG        2    //Amount of damage for each step of fade alpha level increase
    SETTING_FADEINCAMT        5    //Fade alpha level increase amount per step 

    SETTING_SHAKE            1    //Turn on(1)/off(0) screen shake effect
    SETTING_SHAKEDMG        20    //Sets the minimum damage required

    SETTING_VECTOR            1    //Turn on(1)/off(0) vector effect
    SETTING_VECTORDMG        50    //Sets the minimum damage required
    SETTING_VECTORAMT        60.0    //Sets the min/max angle of change

    SETTING_VOLUME            1    //Turn on(1)/off(0) short volume loss effect
    SETTING_VOLUMEDMG        65    //Sets the minimum damage required
    SETTING_VOLUMETIME1        10    //How long you lose volume (10ths of a second)
    SETTING_VOLUMETIME2        10    //Delay between each volume increase step (10ths of a second)
    SETTING_VOLUMEINC        1    //Turn on(1)/off(0) increase of volume loss time
    SETTING_VOLUMEINCDMG    10    //Amount of damage for each step of vol. loss increase
    SETTING_VOLUMEINCTIME    5    //Volume loss increase time per step (10ths of a second) 

    SETTING_RING            1    //Turn on(1)/off(0) ringing effect
    SETTING_RINGDMG        80    //Sets the minimum damage required

    SETTING_FOV            1    //Turn on(1)/off(0) fov effect
    SETTING_FOVDMG            85    //Sets the minimum damage required

    SETTING_SOUND            1    //Turn on(1)/off(0) soundfx effect
    SETTING_SOUNDDMG        60    //Sets the minimum damage required
    SETTING_SOUNDTIME        10.0    //Sets how long the effect lasts (-1 = keep effect till client dies)

    SETTING_DROP            1    //Turn on(1)/off(0) weapon drop effect
    SETTING_DROPDMG        90    //Sets the minimum damage required

    SETTING_PRONE            1    //Turn on(1)/off(0) forcing prone effect
    SETTING_PRONEDMG        95    //Sets the minimum damage required

    SETTING_PARTICLES        1    //Turn on(1)/off(0) particle effect (floating dots)
    SETTING_PARTICLESDMG    20    //Sets the minimum damage required

    SETTING_MAXPLAYERS        32    //Set to the maximum # of players (slot count) 
    Put the "dod_shellshock_ring.mp3" in /dod/sound/misc/

    If you change the sound file, DO NOT use the same name,
    change the #define RINGSOUND instead!!!
    Change Log:
    - 05.01.2006 Version 0.1
        Initial port of v3x's "he_damage_effect v0.2"
        Added cvar to set min. dmg required
        Added Rockets as well as grenades
    - 05.03.2006 Version 0.2
        Added Garand & K43 buttstocks
    - 05.05.2006 Version 0.3
        Added CVAR for buttstocks
        Renamed to DoD Shell Shock
    - 05.06.2006 Version 0.4
        Removed buttstocks till I do it a better way
        Changed from MSG_ONE to MSG_ONE_UNRELIABLE
    - 05.10.2006 Version 0.5
        Added CVARs for fade & shake (code from cadav0r)
        Added CVAR for volume
    - 05.12.2006 Version 0.6
        CVAR query bug fixed (thanks cadav0r)
        New method for volume effect (thanks cadav0r)
        Fixed volume staying at 0.0 bug
    - 05.15.2006 Version 0.7
        Another fix for CVAR query problem
        Added ringing sound MP3 (still plays during volume effect)
        Added CVAR for ringing effect
        Added FOV effect (defualts to 0 as im not satisfied with it yet)
    - 05.18.2006 Version 0.7b
        Removed global damage cvar and added one for each effect
    - 05.22.2006 Version 0.7c
        Fixed run-time error
        Adjusted a few random things...
    - 05.24.2006 Version 0.7d
        Fixed 2 small errors becuase of my stupidity (thanks cadav0r)
    - 06.09.2006 Version 0.8
        Added CVAR for how long you lose your volume
        Added CVAR for delay between each volume increase step (thanks cadav0r)
        New 'ringing' sound (thanks WARDOG)
        Adjusted ScreenFade & ScreenShake message variables
    - 07.06.2006 Version 0.9
        Replaced ENGINE module with FAKEMETA module
        Fixed volume effect for multiple nade hits (thanks cadav0r)
        Added increasing of volume loss time depending on dmg (thanks cadav0r)
        Added CVAR for setting the fade effect's defualt alpha level
        Added increasing of fade alpha level depending on dmg (cadav0r's method)
        Added 4 CVARs to control vector effect settings
        Did some more work on the FOV effect, a little bit more satisfied with it
    - 07.09.2006 Version 0.9b
        Removed FUN module
    - 07.14.2006 Version 0.9c
        Fixed "Missing RIFF/WAVE chunk" console message
    - 08.05.2006 Version 0.9d
        Fixed possible problem with ring sound not playing (thanks KidTwisted)
        Added RINGSOUND define to make it easy to use a different file
        Incase the volume global doesnt get set.. it defualts to 1.0
        Cleaned up code a bit...
    - 08.28.2006 Version 1.0
        Added mortars, knives, spades, buttstocks, and bayonets
        Added CVARs to control which weapons cause the effect
        Changed some returns
    - 09.21.2006 Version 1.1
        Added public cvar for stats tracking
    - 12.16.2006 Version 1.2
        Cleaned up a bunch of things (thanks Emp`)
    - 03.17.2007 Version 1.3
        Cleaned up some more things thru the code
        Changed the default values for some of the cvars
        Now the effects will stop if you die
        Improved the effect tasks
        Added a new feature: sfx (changes the way everything you hear sounds)
    - 03.19.2007 Version 1.3b
        Fixed a typo in the CVAR comment section
        More simple way to stop all the effects at once
        Tasks are now removed on client disconnect
        Changed volume cvar query task from 10sec to 8sec
        Removed some plugin active checks (avoids problems when turning it on mid-game)
        Added RoundState checks
    - 03.20.2007 Version 1.3c
        Removed an extra cvar (dod_shellshock_sfx_stay)
        Fixed the sfx effect time stuff
    - 06.13.2007 Version 1.4
        Changed the way the cvar query is done (first time client spawns)
        Added round draws to roundstate check
        Removed some code in the roundstate function
        Added drop weapon effect
        Added force prone effect
        Added 'particle' effect
        Few minor code changes/fixes
        Replaced high & low vector CVARs with one single new CVAR
    - 07.29.2009 Version 2.0
        Added cvar query for client's room_type setting
        Improved code for reseting sfx effect
        Replaced spawn forward with HamSandwich
        Added commands to force/stop shell shock on a player (can be called by other plugins)
        Added file consistency on the shellshock sound
        Renamed the sound file to start fresh for the file consistency
        Adjusted some default times
        Another attempt at fixing the 0 volume issue
        Replaced DoDx death forward with HamSandwich
        Changed alot of the CVARs to compiler defines
        Improved task handling
        Various code improvements
        Added compiler define for setting max players
    Attached Files Attached Files
    Last edited by diamond-optic; 07-29-2009 at 07:19 PM. Reason: update to 2.0

  2. All is working execpt ring sound

    Everything is working except for the ring sound.
    The sound downloaded fine "shellshock_ring_3.mp3" in /dod/sound/misc/.(server side/client side)
    dod_shellshock_ring is set to "1".
    and I even set dod_shellshock_ring_dmg to "5" just to make sure it would trigger.

    Hmmm, please help.

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    check in your options and see if mp3 volume is set to 0

    ..and btw.. ive fixed the "missing riff/wave' console msg thingy so ill post that in a bit.. not that anything here is approved for downloading anyway lol

  4. I check the mp3 vol. on the client side and it is at max.

    I'm running AMXX 1.75a

    I had DoD Shell Shock v0.9 07.06.2006

    I compiled the sma with the compiler that came with AMXX 1.75a

    Is there any other Info that might help?

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    // - 07.14.2006 Version 0.9c
    // Fixed "Missing RIFF/WAVE chunk" console message

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    are you getting any console messages either client side of server side? any errors in the amxx logs?

  7. Smile Hey I fixed it

    I found this:

    client_cmd(victim,"mp3 play sound/misc/shellshock_ring_3")
    changed to this:
    client_cmd(victim,"mp3 play sound/misc/shellshock_ring_3.mp3")

    I added the file extension, seems to have done the trick.

    I recompiled, set the dmg trigger to "5"
    and bam my ears started to ring.

    diamond-optic I really like this plugin, hope this helps the cause.
    Thanks for posting the download link, I'm all set up with ver. 0.9c
    Last edited by KidTwisted; 07-17-2006 at 07:24 PM.

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    hmm thats wierd.. it seems to work fine for me without the extension.. but ill put it in the code for the next version to avoid this problem in the future..


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    I have not tried to edit any of the code yet (using what was suggested above) but I simply cant seem to get this to work for me... It runs on the server and amxx list in rcon does not show a bad load... but upon joining the server, picking a team.... I wait and wait to spawn, then the server crashes.

    There are no errors in logs, either in console, or amxx logs, nor does setting the plugin to debug show anything. I disable the plugin and everything is fine on my server.

    I run ALOT of plugins on my server, and I am wondering, are there any known conflicts with any other plugins ?

    I will run test later tonight, when my server goes dead (if it goes dead) and disabel ALL my plugins but shellshock and try that and see if it works for me (proving a conflict) but maybe you might know now before I try anything else...

    Also, I read in the version history that you used to catch the garand/k43 butt hits and this would cause shellshock as well... is this still planned to be implemented ?? I currently hold the record on my server for the most butt kills, and am really looking forward to couple that fact with a plugin like this !!!

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    hmm not any conflicts that i know of.. i run 60+ plugins on my server with some maps being modded quite heavily... and i dont get any crashes cuased by this.. but keep me posted on what you find

    and with the buttstocks.. i was thinking of adding cvars to turn on what weapons cuase the effect.. but never really got around to it..

    lol the reason i added it in the 1st place was becuase i as well lead with garand buttstocks on my server.. (about 950, 2nd place only has 100) so i wanted to make it a little more entertaining lol.. but ppl complained about it constantly so i removed them..

    i guess i could always go back and do what i originally planned with the cvars if you're interested

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